The people: 

Arnaud Schmitz (a.k.a. AliBabaBlackSheep) : 
guitars, keyboards, vocals, ... 
Elie Deniset (a.k.a. Den Volta) 
bass, guitars, keyboards, vocals, ... 
J.B. Amann (a.k.a. Vince Morgan) 
drums, percussions, guitars, vocals, ... 
Former member(s) : 
Bob Hauck : guitars, keyboards, ... (2010) 
Mathieu Roujemaure : live flute (2011)  


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 The Story: 

The Crooked Axis String Quartet was formed in early 2010 as a side-project featuring members of Number Nine Experiment, Zamal Bash, and Red Haze. In 2011, the band shorten its name to The Crooked Axis. (

They record their first album: "Strange Girl" in August 2011 (made of auto-produced demos, released on their own indie music label "1D"). (

The same month, the band has the pleasure to play at the famous "Celebration Days Festival" (near Paris, France) alongside other great bands of the new european psychedelic rock scene (Black Market Karma, Cheap Wine, Buddy Hemlock, Hanami, ...). (

Since August'2012, The Crooked Axis and some other friends bands decided to form their own music label: "Negative Beat". Somewhat in the spirit of "The Committee To Keep Music Evil" (label founded by Anton Newcombe of the Brian Jonestown Massacre), it focuses on indie underground alternative rock music. All groups have elements of psychedelia, but they all sound different. ( 

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