The Crooked Axis live @ Pentrock festival in Lemberg, 27th May'2012. 

Part#1: "Rumble" / "No More" / "Before We Come Down". 

 (Special thanks to Laurent Houpin for the footage) 

 The Crooked Axis : "I'm Not There, Yes I Am" (February'2011) 

  Available on the demo "Strange Girl", 

and on the compilation "Droning Earth Vol.40" 

 The Crooked Axis : "Child Killer Of Flies" (L'enfant assassin des mouches) 5th July 2011 rehearsal jam on Jean Claude Vannier covers medley  (L'enfant la mouche et les allumettes / L'enfant au royaume des mouches / Le roi des mouches et la confiture de roses) 

 The Crooked Axis : "Right To Oblivion" (July'2011) 

  The Crooked Axis : "Before We Come Down" (July'2011) 

 The Crooked Axis : "Couscous Pot Jam (part 2)" (May'2011) 

 The Crooked Axis : "Have Love Will Travel / Jam"  (May'2011) 

 The Crooked Axis + Number Nine Experiment : "Jam#2/Part#2"  

22 January'2011 Jam-Session 

 The Crooked Axis : "Child Killer of Flies" 

live @ Pentrock festival, Lemberg, 27 May'2012 

 The Crooked Axis String Quartet : Jam session 6 may'2010 

 The Crooked Axis String Quartet : Jam session 7 april'2010 

 "You Ain't Goin' Nowhere" 

A short film by Vince Morgan (2011) featuring The Crooked Axis 

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