We are still looking for gigs, contact us, book us ! 

  We are open to any proposal, outside/inside, just feel free to ask : CONTACT US ! ... 

  We also intend to bring our friends Cheap Wine and Triceratops with us on this tour for some gigs in the spirit of the Celebration Days festival ! ...     


  January 18 (Friday) - Le Scop' Club, Avenue de l'Opera, Paris, France 

                           Negative Beat Records presents: The Crooked Axis,  Distortions, Acapulco City Hunters. 

 Details: Facebook / Songkick 


  August 4 (Saturday) - Side One Bar, Saint-Avold, France (Jam) + Hep Hé, Triceratops, Buddy Hemlock, Brulian. (details) 

  May 27 (Sunday) - Pentrock Festival, Lemberg, France + Roots Noise, The Boring, Gamesdoglar, Watch Me Sink,...(details) 

  April 14 (Saturday) - Heaviness Fest, Oldebroek, Netherlands + Merca, 13rut, ... (cancelled) 

  February 25 (Saturday) - Side One Bar, Saint-Avold, France + guest, our friends: Distortions.    


  August 12 - Celebration Days Festival, Trois-Etots, Picardie, France , (details) , (pics) 

  Gigs posters / flyers :   

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